The Paper Museum

In the Paper Mill Valley, in Maina Inferiore paper mill, now home to the paper museum, the year 1962 marks the end of papermaking. In the year 1993 the municipality of Toscolano assumed the ownership of the Valley and chose to plan the rebirth of this unique place considered today one of the most important industrial archaeology site in North Italy. The municipality of Toscolano after helping the association of retired paper mill workers with the setting up of a small museum where once was the janitor’s quarter of Maina Inferiore paper mill, decided to formulate the initial proposal for starting off the architectural renovation of the huge historical complex. In cooperation with Burgo Group Ltd paper factory and the Mountain Community was founded the “Centre of Excellence and enterprise development in the field of print and paper supply chain”.

The restoration began in April 2005 and the Centre of Excellence in Maina Inferiore opened its doors to visitors in 2007. The Centre of Excellence, now known as Paper museum, in 2017  has been awarded the definition of “Museum Collection” by the government authority of Lombardy region.