A collection of contemporary works of art made of paper, among the most important of the international
scene: the proposal is promoted by the Associazione Centro studi e ricerche Lucus, in partnership with the
Paper Museum in the Papermill Valley of Toscolano Maderno. It was achieved thanks to the Green Design
Master’s degree students of “Arte, Natura, Identità” from Accademia Laba of Brescia.
The project was developed during the Covid – 19 emergency , it consists in a virtual exhibition, concerning
the involved institutions.
The students selected their favourite paper works of art and they contacted the same artists, asking them
to describe their poetics and detailed study concerning their works.
The outcome was a kaleidoscopic narration between techniques and artistic sensitivity which delve into the
paper world and they establish a renovated and animated interaction on a common matrix together with
the territory of the Papermill Valley. The aim is to enrich this narration with new interesting chapters in the
next years.

Mauro Bianchi
Ugo Spiazzi

Partner Architect
Sonia Lorenzi